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How Effective is LANAP Laser Gum Surgery?

For our patients with gum disease, we get a lot of questions about the LANAP technology we use, and how it compares to more traditional treatments. How effective is it? How does it work? These are good questions, and some of the answers are actually in the name of the procedure, LANAP. It stands for […]

Osseous Surgery vs. Laser Gum Disease Treatment

In the array of treatments dentists use to help patients with periodontitis or advanced gum disease, osseous surgery is one of the options. It’s typically used to treat severe or advanced gum disease, when other treatments haven’t worked to get rid of the problem. Patients with advanced gingivitis or periodontitis at Monterey Peninsula Dental Group […]

Can Charcoal Teeth Whitening Damage Your Smile?

Charcoal Teeth Whitening is Popular On Social Media. But What Do Dentists Think? You may have seen people on social media using various kinds of charcoal to either clean their teeth or to achieve whiter teeth. While charcoal isn’t an innately harmful substance, there are lots of good reasons why you should use other methods […]


Professional vs. At-Home Whitening: What are the Advantages of Each?

Teeth Whitening Options: Having whiter teeth is a goal for many people, whether they’re trying to address cosmetic issues resulting from dental problems or just age or diet-related yellowing. Whiter teeth can help you make a better first impression in your work and social life, and help you feel confident. For most people, discoloration or […]

What is Gingivitis & How is It Treated?

What is gingivitis? Gingivitis, otherwise known as periodontal disease, is when your gums are irritated, red, swollen and often bleed when you brush. This is caused by a lack of oral hygiene which causes plaque build-up. If ignored, the plaque turns to tartar and results in inflammation of the gums. Plaque forms on your teeth […]

Why Should Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

Why should wisdom teeth be removed? Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt in the mouth furthest from the back and also your last set of adult teeth to come in. Most of the time there isn’t enough room for them to grow in all the way, causing the tooth to grow in abnormally […]


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