Night Guards

What is a Night Guard?

Night Guards are specialized mouth guards that are used to alleviate the effects of bruxism, or teeth grinding & clenching. This removable appliance is often made of an acrylic material that will protect your teeth and jaw from wear and damage that this habit can cause.

What symptoms can a night guard help alleviate?

A custom mouth guard helps to alleviate the symptoms of bruxism, or nighttime tooth grinding, which can include:

– Abnormal or excessive tooth wear, resulting in flattened, cracked or worn teeth

-Jaw, facial or ear pain

-Tension headaches and migraines

-Tooth sensitivity

-Worn tooth enamel, which exposes the inner layers of the tooth

How Does Monterey Peninsula Dental Group Create Night Guards?

Our professionally-created, custom night guards are moulded from impressions of your teeth that will be taken in our office. We create a custom night guard from these impressions, which will fit your mouth perfectly and comfortably, reducing the stress on the surfaces of your teeth as you sleep.

If you’re suffering from teeth grinding and would like to have a custom night guard created for relief, book an appointment with one of our dentists today.

Dentist Mouth Guards Vs Over The Counter Mouth Guards

Many people wonder if there are benefits of using an over the counter night guard vs dentist night guard. While many stores do carry “boil and bite” type night guards and other generics, these options have limitations. A custom mouth guard dentist can create a night guard that fits your mouth perfectly, allowing it to stay secure while you sleep. Generic mouth guards can shift and even fall out during the night, and the materials they’re made of often do not last as long as one from a custom night guard dentist. 

Choosing a night guard dentist vs over-the-counter ensures that you’re receiving the best quality, the best fit, and the best protection for your teeth.


This page has been reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Stephen Ikemiya, a partner at MPDG who completed dental school at Northwestern University. Click here to follow him on Linkedin.

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